Athens, April, 4th 2012

4 Responses to “Athens, April, 4th 2012”
  1. Elzari sagt:

    Sorry, but even though Capitalism is far from being the „ideal system“ …. the crisis in Greece is CORRUPTION and MISMANAGEMENT („Fakelaki“). PERIOD!

    • During our time here in Athens we often got the answer that these are the most recent problems in Greece. But it should be evident that both are inherent in the capitalist system, which produces and reproduces these structures and priciples of particular interests and concurrency. Although if corruption and mismanagement disappeared, the functions of capitalist economy would always lead to crisis.

      • Another You sagt:

        So sad… yeah „it’s time to understand what is happening to all of us“. Yes capitalism is a problem because it’s no longer relevant (since at least 60 years, when the machines took over human labor). Moreover we have to understand that communism, faschism, democracy, plutocracy, whatever ideology/politics/’religion‘ using the underlying monetary system is bound to fail in the same way we’re seeing today. The monetary system is make believe… since 1913. Our money is not backed by gold or whatever material ‚we‘ declared as having universal value. It’s made out of paper and thin air and only ‚backed‘ by… debt. That is not capitalism or communism, this is the biggest fraud that humanity has ever ’seen‘!
        See, there is always more debt as circulating money… That’s the game we silently accepted to play a century ago. And so I’m afraid we will see more and more sad events like this one occuring and they will become more and more violent. ‚cause in this game, debt and losers grow together.
        The system needs us, but we no longer need it. It’s time to face our ignorance, ego and fear. It’s time to get educated and to cut the strings and… evolve. We are a relatively new species and our potential is enormous (we only use a tiny tiny fraction of our brains but… see what we already can achieve!). First of all we have to understand, that a human being is a human being and if you were born in Greece 77 years ago, you could be that guy or another person that is facing the actual problems in Greece and if you were born a Rockefeller or Rothschild you probably wouldn’t give a damn fuck. Next step is evolving a system that allows us to see the machines as our dear friends, freeing us from slavery without moaning. I’ll do whatever I can to help Earthlings success in their transition from type 0 to type 1 civilization! What an exciting time we’re lucky to live in, thank you almighty cosmos!

  2. EHW sagt:

    Which in your opoinion is far from the practices of the rest of the planet’s governments management and corruption?
    Maybe take the blindfold off your pretty eyes dear and look at the world as it really is.
    And yes it is Capitalism that drove us here.
    If you choose otherwise, i wish you sweet dreams sweetheart.

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