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Email: occupy-public-space@gmx.de

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are a group of people, who met each other at the Occupy:Frankfurt protest movement. Together we formed a working group that focussed on culture and arts. Now we aspire to connect with already existing local and global initiatives or indivdual persons to develop and unlock our collective creative potential.


// The idea of ‚Collective Actions‘ is…


 … to raise public awareness of unresolved problems and political decisions of our times

… to act solidly united without any commercial or financial interest

… to team up with different people with different skills and abilities

… to consider various ways and means of collaborative production

… to adopt methods of creative non-violent civil disobedience

… to give an example for imitation


via different forms of political protest + ‚art‘ in public spaces //



Our aim is to fight and reduce prejudices. We reject all forms of discrimination, heteronomy, hierarchy and exploitation.

We do not use the sentence ‚We are the 99%‘, because we do not want to accuse single persons or groups for being solely responsible for the so called global financial crisis, which is in fact directly connected to intrasystem inconsistencies within the processes of capitalistic economy. Even if some persons are resposible for actual conflicts and social imbalances, we do not support any kind of enemy image.

As we define ourselves as anticapitalist activists, it is our settled conviction, that no one can act completely free or self-determined in this social order. We refuse this badly structured system, which seperates people and does not respect the diginity of all human beings.

It is indispensable to break new ground.



Email: occupy-public-space@gmx.de


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